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Virtual Business Centre and Fax to Email

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Fax to Email, 086 Numbers are available on our network for free.  Signup for an 086 Fax2Email number and start receiving all your faxes as PDF attachments.  When you sign up for a free fax to email number you can also try out our fax sending service, Web2Fax for free by sending an email (with the document you would like faxed attached) to: *your fax number*

Fax to Email, why choose an 086 Number:

  • The 086 Fax to Email numbers are free
  • Fax Email allocations are instant
  • You can receive your faxes anywhere and anytime
  • It is an eco friendly solution – no paper required
  • No fax machine required
  • No paper or ink required to receive a fax
  • Receive multiple faxes at the same time
  • Fax2Email allows for easy electronic filing
  • Fax to Email faxes are sent to you in pdf format

Free Fax to Email FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

How can I get a faxtoemail number?

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Does I need any special fax to email software?

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Is Fax to Email / Fax2Email free?

How are you make your money if the service is free?

Can I get more than one fax number for free fax to email?

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Get a free Fax to Email Number today and receive all your faxes in PDF Format - no more fax machine required.

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