Virtual Business Centre and Fax to Email
Virtual Business Centre and Fax to Email
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Virtual Business Centre offer you a complete and converged IT, Telecoms and Business Solution (VBC - Fax | SMS | VOIP) Our Virtual Business Centre services minimize cost and being eco friendly, our free Fax to Email service, is a perfect solution for both personal and business use.

We are passionate about helping business consolidate their infrastructure services and therefore offer our converged business solutions at extremely competitive prices - Virtual Business Centre | Fax2Email

The Virtual Business Centre is aimed at the discerning entrepreneur and corporate executive who wants to project and manage a professional business and have access to cutting-edge telecommunication and business services at the touch of a button without having to spend millions on building and maintaining an expensive infrastructure.

The VBC provides your business with many solutions all aimed at making your business productive. New solutions will be added from time to time to continuously provide you and your business access to cutting-edge telecommunication services and a broad range of business applications making your business more productive and professional.

The VBC Provides cost-effective, cutting edge technology allowing you to work smarter and manage your business professionally Your Complete Business Solution in a Box gives you access to world class technology at a fraction of the cost Simple and easy to use. Manage your resources more effectively so you can grow your business

"Cloud Based Business Convergence has finally arrived!"
-Manfred Williamson
Fax to Email Faxing

Fax to Email

The Free Fax to Email service allows business to allocate a unique Fax Number to each their staff. No Fax Machine required for Fax to Email. Apply now for your 086 Fax to Email Numbers! Read more

Send Fax - PC2Fax - Email to Fax

Send a Fax

Send a Fax from your PC using PC-to-Fax, Web-to-Fax or Email-to-Fax. Test the service for free when signing up for a Fax2email number and start faxing directly from your PC, tablet or phone. Read more

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Once you have signed up for the Virtual Business Centre you can use your credit to send bulk SMS to your customers and clients from our easy to use Virtual Business Centre, SMS portal. Read more

011 Fax Number

011 Fax Number

Our 011 Fax to Email Service is a local rate Fax Service. Receive 011 Faxes in pdf format. Register for a subscription 011 Fax number and all your clients can send you 011 Fax to Email. Read more

Join the Virtual Business Centre revolution or try our Free Fax to Email service. Learn more...

Why choose Free Fax to Email?

  • Fax to Email Service
  • 011 Fax2Email Service
  • Send Fax from your PC
  • Bulk SMS Sending
  • Bulk EMail Services
  • Telco Solutions
  • Conference Calling Service
  • Auto Receptionist
  • Mobile Phone Airtime distribution
  • Business and Legal Forms/li>
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data and Cloud Storage
  • Survey Online
  • Accounting Services
  • Business Plans
  • Business Management Course

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